conflict of opinion

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With a heavy dropping at the corners of his mouth, with a stolid indifference staring dull in his eyes, there he sat, a man forearmed, in his own obstinate neutrality, against all temptation to engage in the conflict of opinions that was to come.
There is a conflict of opinion on definition of terrorism, and many countries were facing the issue of terrorism.
The results, published in the journal Science, revealed a fundamental conflict of opinion.
The older they get, the more likely they are to become involved in an incident or conflict of opinion where verbals are exchanged or hand gestures used to indicate shortcomings.
A conflict of opinion disturbs an otherwise promising day.
This can result in conflict of opinion, sometimes it breeds mistrust and less often a complete stalemate is reached.
To another question, he said he had no conflict of opinion with President Zardari and he remained at a distance from him to ensure electoral transparency; although people said that he (Khoso was taking directives from presidency.
This show-piece did create a bit of a conflict of opinion between the judges, as Nasser and Najwa saw that the contestant's ability to twist and mold his double-jointed body warranted his place in the next level.
Experts say that the increase in the number of office- bearers would result in conflict of opinion.
Although this conflict of opinion could be seen as a weakness of the volume, the intention to provide a publication which will provoke and inspire new research--complete with contradictions--is to be applauded.
Given the scale of the development and conflict of opinion, Mr Short added that a public inquiry may be the best way to resolve the application.

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