conflicting evidence

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She said there had been years of conflicting evidence on the link between height and heart disease, with more than 1,900 research papers on the issue.
There is conflicting evidence on the impact of thermal treatments on carotenoids in tomatoes.
MPs on the West Midlands Select Committee say the availability of credit is crucial and claim banks and businesses seem to be living in 'parallel worlds' after receiving conflicting evidence on lending in the region.
The perjury investigation was launched after a judge said conflicting evidence in the trial might have meant some people were perjuring themselves.
During the course of the trial in the case, sharply conflicting evidence and expert opinions were presented.
Charges of having faulty reverse lights were dropped due to conflicting evidence from police accident investigators and officers at the scene about whether the lights were tested at the accident site.
There was no direct evidence of responsibility or liability and there was conflicting evidence.
Among the topics are conflicting evidence from psycholinguistic and corpuslinguistic data on stylistic change, productive lexical processes in present-day English, the subjunctive in Early Modern English adverbial clauses, and an atlas of English family names.
Conflicting evidence about the state of consumer confidence came yesterday as the Bank of England's interest-setting monetary policy committee prepared to start its monthly meeting to fix interest rates.
The recommendations for CABG plus transmyocardial revascularization rather than CABG alone were based on levels A and B evidence and were all class II recommendations encompassing conflicting evidence or diverging opinions.
The court held, inter alia, that the WCJ has complete authority over questions of credibility, conflicting evidence, and evidentiary weight when supported by the requisite evidence and accept or reject the testimony of any witness in whole or in part.
The QC also pointed to what he argued was conflicting evidence which had been allowed to go before the jury at trial.