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Yangtze finless porpoise, Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis, Distribution patterns, Habitat selection, Confluence.
Confluence Life Sciences is a privately held firm focused on the discovery and development of kinase inhibitors to treat inflammatory and immunological disorders and cancer.
The visual template editor tool was first introduced to users of Scroll PDF Exporter for the Confluence cloud platform to rave reviews, and now the thousands of users of the server add-on will be able to take advantage of this fully-modernized experience.
By working collaboratively we are able to provide the best evidence-based care for all of our stroke patients," said Teri McIntyre, RN, stroke program coordinator at Confluence Health.
Confluence serves the international fund industry with key locations in San Francisco, CA, London and Luxembourg.
An then he posted his pictures of the confluence to a website that showed some snow covered trees of New Hampshire's winter.
Atlassian's new-hosted service is said to be based on an advanced enterprise wiki, Atlassian Confluence.
The Degree Confluence Project aims to document the world by visiting every degree confluence on the earth.
There is a slight undertone of romance between Jeff and Lilah, a girl from the Confluence Center.
The publication is called Confluence and, as one might pick up from Quercus' publishing rationale, the themes gravitate towards the political, with a decidedly leftist, anti-globalization gut instinct that runs an updated Marxist flag up the pole every morning.
In a pleasant residential suburb of Melbourne, a new house for a Japanese family takes advantage of local circumstances while expressing the ideas of transition and confluence.