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In the Arghavan section, the lower boundary of the Asmari Formation with the Pabedeh Formation is conformable and continuous.
We have a prototyping centre at NetPark near Sedgefield, and that will allow access for industry partners and academics, can test out these functional materials and conformable surfaces.
The soft, conformable nose piece helps provide a customized fit and secure facial seal.
The complete hardware/software system includes conformable array, USB interface electronics, and Windows-compatible data acquisition and visualization software for out-of-the-box setup.
that which converts the hydrogen into electricity [with the byproducts of heat and water]) as well as the tank that holds the hydrogen (a conformable tank of some sort; Borroni-Bird notes that they will have to develop a different hydrogen storage system than is presently available in order to achieve the kind of range [-300 miles per fill-up] that they are seeking).
HOLDERS Caersws cruised into the quarter-finals of the League of Wales Cup with a conformable win in their final group game.
Being more swollen, the never-dried walls are more flexible or conformable.
I feel a bit nostalgic, but I am sure that next year I will feel more conformable and not miss things quite as much.
The atmosphere is a well balanced blend of traditional Chinese and modern style, offering a relaxing ambience in conformable surroundings for customers who enjoy a special eating experience.
It's reportedly more conformable than typical stitch-bonded quadraxial fabric without mat.
Hamilton is only honored now because his dishonest turnabout against the promise of the Constitution is today conformable to the actual dishonest practices and constitutional interpretations of the federal government.