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The Congress of the United States do resolve and declare it to be their most earnest desire, that the Legislatures of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do recommend to the people of that State to choose delegates to meet in convention, and to whom the constitution of the United States is to be submitted, conformably to the unanimous resolution of the United States in Congress assembled of the 28th of September 1787.
The area size and the number of nodes are increased conformably to ensure an invariable node density.
promptly and without delay; conformably with the laws.
The formation conformably overlies the Pulau Balang Formation of Miocene age.
This basal unit is conformably overlain by siltstones and shales which strike northwest and dip gently west.
Most of those traits which make up what we call character in a man, are the results of education as developed not only by the processes of school instruction, but by whatever passes before the eye, whatever sounds upon the ear, excites the imagination, warms the heart, or moves the various passions within us; and the more frequently the mind falls under the same set of influences, the greater the probability that the character will take a stamp conformably to such influences.
Issues such as flexibility, need for compressive or tension properties, environmental issues such as bodily fluids, whether the device will be conformably coated or not, and water permeability all affect the selection of, not only materials, but process steps in the fabrication cycle.
has long since been determined by this court conformably to the practice of the government from the beginning to be political in character, and therefore not cognizable by the judicial power, but solely committed by the Constitution to the judgment of Congress.
Kant's Critique of Judgement--one of the central texts of the aesthetics of taste--brackets disgust as that which "alone is incapable of being represented conformably to nature without destroying all aesthetic delight" (141): the one mode of ugliness that can never be made aesthetic.
It is overlain conformably by the Ski Hill Formation, dominantly composed of mafic pillow lavas and hyaloclastic breccias; the Ski Hill is gradationally overlain by the ore-bearing, felsic volcanic rocks of the Buchans River Formation.
Critical to the M88's success is its ability to not only reach high speeds, but also to operate conformably in shallow coastal waters.
At the experiment were welded single-run samples of butt I weld (t = 3 mm), manually by technology 141 conformably to CSN EN 4063 (TIG) with parameters mentioned in follow tables No.