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Department of Defense aviation industry, equipment manufacturers need more efficient technology and processes to produce FACE conformant and airworthy applications faster,” said Allen Brown, president and CEO, The Open Group.
As of January 2012, ONVIF membership had grown to nearly 350 companies and more than 1,300 conformant products available in the market.
It defines the way content communicates with a conformant LMS (ADL, 2003).
The market support for ONVIF was evident also at the recent ISC West security exhibition in Las Vegas, where a multitude of companies promoted their ONVIF membership and conformant products.
The real benefits will show when there are several ONVIF conformant products on the market, facilitating the implementation and use of various vendors' equipment in the same surveillance system," Simon Harris says.
MEF 9 defines a series of tests to verify that Services delivered to the Subscriber across the UNI are conformant to MEF technical specifications.
SKY-SAFE is fully conformant to industry standards, and supports a variety of transport protocols and cryptographic engines that can be readily extended to support new certificates and crypto algorithms.
Nextor, a Java, ARTS Conformant POS application that enables retailers to manage all of their point-of-sale activities.
We are pleased to participate in this effort to test and demonstrate LXI conformant hardware with our software package," said Tim Ludy, product marketing manager, Data Translation.

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