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The championships are a conformation championship and two agility championships.
On farms where these data were generated, the animals were selected based on an index formed by conformation, finishing precocity, and musculature characteristics at weaning and yearling, scrotal circumference at yearling, and days to gain 160kg from birth to weaning and 200kg in the post weaning-yearling periods.
Moreover, the average body conformation in respect of girth, height and length of group A kids (48.
In conformation shows, a dog earns points by besting other dogs in terms of overall appearance, build and movement according to their respective breed's standards.
The way a dog is constructed reveals itself in how the dog moves, which is why dogs in the conformation show ring are evaluated both standing and moving.
Last year more than 10% of lamb carcases achieved a conformation of 'E' - the highest possible - and almost double the number of four years ago.
As a result, they discovered that acute mastitis was more likely in ewes with poor udder conformation, teat lesions and inadequate nutrition in pregnancy, as well as those feeding twins or triplets.
Those models use the differential equations based on the conformation tensor.
Most of the body conformation traits are heritable to varying levels and have been reported in almost all of the important dairy cattle breeds.
Robert and Kay Vincent's 83-ewe Whitehead flock based near Trelech, Carmarthenshire, West Wales, has claimed the Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders Association's top flock award for breed type and overall conformation.
The book covers structural features of carbohydrates, including cyclization and conformation preferences and their energetics, then moves on to nucleophilic reaction at the anomeric center, glycoside hydrolysis, and transglycosylation.