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They are located in the active site region and are involved in the conformational change and/ or ATP hydrolysis activity.
The aim of this experiment is to explain the role of conformational change in aligning substrates thus speeding up the chemical reaction.
During 2009-2010, we analyzed conformational stability of [PrP.
Kliger explained, "Heat Shock Proteins are an area of intense interest in the pharmaceutical industry, and the conformational changes that occur concomitant to HSP activation make them optimal targets for the DAC Blockers Platform.
To distinguish the linear from the conformational epitopes of the SARS-CoV N protein, yeast cells were heated to 80[degrees]C for 30 min in a thermostatically controlled water bath and then chilled on ice 20 min before labeling with antibodies (30).
An increase in polymer concentration leads to a rise in the isotherm as a result of a nonstoichiometric adsorption, which can be attributed to conformational changes from a flat form of the polymer to a loops and tails form.
Agencourt's service business offers de novo and conformational sequencing, as well as resequencing and SNP discovery, and library construction.
Other studies have shown that the intrusion of lead into the lens of the eye may cause protein conformational changes that decrease lens transparency.
The optimized geometries, conformational stabilities, infrared intensities, Raman Activities, depolarization ratios and vibrational wave number have been obtained from MP2/6-31G(d) ab initio calculations.
Roles of conformational and positional adaptability in structure-based design of TMC125-R165335 (etravirine) and related non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors that are highly potent and effective against wild type and drug-resistant HIV variants.
These data provide evidence for conformational changes that occur in DAT during binding of uptake blockers but not substrates.
We started with a fundamental system to prove that the overall concept of reversibly modifying a surface via conformational transitions works," said Thanh-Nga Tran, a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST) and the Department of Chemical Engineering.