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The other used a fixed-effects approach to control for all potential confounding factors that are shared among siblings, such as a proportion of genetic factors and parenting practices.
He is confounding his critics, helping us to promotion last season and his return of five goals is fantastic, like Bowyer of old.
Such rhizomatic radicality is not about uprooting our traditions but about exposing them to our confounding togetherness--as species, peoples, genders, sexualities, races, religions, even--Lord help us--our Christianities.
The latter investigators interpreted the association as possibly due to limited control of confounding, selection biases, and/or reverse causality.
The flow of money from foreigners living abroad back home to relatives in Mexico continues to grow, confounding the government and analysts alike.
A similar scenario plays out with the confounding Penchant to Drift, an image of a series of painted vertical elements that seem to blossom into three dimensions at both the top of the composition, where they appear to coalesce into a kind of white mesa, and its bottom, where they unravel into a tangle of white and robin's egg blue tape.
In this respect, higher unemployment is not all bad (however confounding it may be to old-line economists).
The ST1 hypothesis not only explains the mechanisms behind the lifestyle risk factors discussed above, namely by confounding with sexual behavior, but also why TB has ceased to be a major cause of death in Western societies.
Mishler adds that because many of the islands that his group considered came from volcanic eruptions rather than from ancient landmasses splitting apart, there's no confounding possibility that they originally shared a flora.
That is a part of the larger skilled-trades shortage confounding a number of industries," says McGee.
gov) cites a variety of methodological problems, including inadequate comparisons and the failure to control for confounding variables.
SFAS 150, which deals with accounting for equity at private companies, has emerged as one of the more confounding rules of recent years--"a triumph of theory over economic reality," argues valuation expert Alfred King.