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In cases where the confronter is a former user, it is specifically because of the similar life experiences of the substance user and confronter that issues of shame and stigma may be less apt to arise during confrontational interactions.
Cette approche, qui assure l'originalite de l'etude, permet de confronter les aspects culturels et economiques du livre.
Prime-time TV is often home to those who seek to take on evil-doers, but Kenyon the Confronter proved he was not in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer class when it comes to rooting out the wicked.
24) Adoption of boycotts as a tactic is generally seen as moving an NGO from the engager into the confronter camp.
Son objectifest de confronter les politiques sociales et economiques adoptees par l'Etat et de voir les impacts reciproques qu'elles ont eus sur les entreprises, les syndicats, et les travailleurs.
During a TPR for an inmate who continually refused to make her bed each morning, one confronter stated, "Girlfriend, first it's loose sheets, then it's a loose life
At the Surrey track on New Year's Day, the four-year-old idled in front and just held on to win by a neck from Confronter.
The Simon Dow-trained Confronter, out of the frame in two outings at Cagnes-sur-Mer this year, contests a tierce race at the Riviera track today.
Epsom neighbour Geoff Lewis is another who fancies his chances with Night Dance although another leading contender, Confronter, which has wintered in the South of France, is unlikely to be in the line-up.
And once into the Bible, they might meet Jesus, at once perfect obedience and ultimate confronter and challenger to all who misuse power and abuse authority.