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These confusion matrixes reveal that consonants fall into confusable clusters of varying sizes as in the control population.
Lahu words in the text are cited in the Baptist orthography, a wise choice since it is the most widely used, although unfortunately burdened with cumbersome and easily confusable tone-marks.
The authors provide LSA thresh-olds for three navigation problems: confusable heading or link text, unfamiliar heading or link text, and goal-specific competing heading or link text.
Another spellcheck and grammar check programme highlights confusable words, asking her whether she really means to spell a particular 'confusable' in a particular way.
The New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage offers this guide: "Remembering that the foreword means 'words that come in the front of the book, before the book itself begins' will help writers with this spelling confusable.