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If he could confuse ME, or irritate HER into breaking out, either she or I might have said something which would answer his purpose.
If we can only confuse him all through the drive, between Nature as it is, when he looks up at the view, and Nature as it is not when he looks down again at our sketch-books, we shall drive him into the last desperate refuge of paying us compliments, and shall slip through his professional fingers with our pet feathers of vanity all unruffled.
to confuse observation, or divert attention, if not solely to baffle me.
Skimpin, who, being a promising young man of two or three-and-forty, was of course anxious to confuse a witness who was notoriously predisposed in favour of the other side, as much as he could.
He did not confuse nor misrepresent the facts, nor soften them in his own interest, nor omit the smallest detail.
Sunderland Supt Jim Napier issued a warning and said: "All shop staff need to be aware that there are criminals who travel around the area looking to confuse staff members by asking to change money.
They might confuse the signs for the operations and have trouble with manipulative materials for money, measurement, and time.
In a speech delivered in French on January 14, Pope John Paul said that religious freedom might be threatened in some European countries which confuse the official separation of church and state with a ban on religion in the public sphere.
While medical and nutrition assertions require scientific scrutiny, it is reckless to confuse consumers by leading them to believe that they could be endangered by a suggested guideline of drinking eight eight-ounce servings of water each day," says Dr.