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Investigators who arrived at his Upper Erne Lakes Poultry in Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh, found chicken and turkey remains lying on tables along with congealed blood.
Bunny molds are perfect for congealed salads or even small individual cakes.
It was grey and really anaemic and congealed, with an ice cream scoop of potato splodged in the middle.
It quickly congealed and stuck to it like superglue.
The partners first analyzed the conditions for preparation of CNT dispersion liquids and types of congealed liquid, finding that CNT fibers could be produced under certain conditions even with the use of organic solvent that does not contain polymers as congealed liquid.
mindmatters ALEDBLAKE The detritus of an unappreciated meal sits in front of us, a sorry congealed mass of turmeric-stained chicken and lifeless basmati rice.
The orbiting detritus gradually congealed into what is now our planet's lone satellite - the Moon.
The horn of a rhinoceros is made from congealed hair.
A tall cadaverous man in a woolly hat and reasonable clothes was lifting takeaway boxes out of a waste bin, laying them out on the flat top of the bin, scraping out old food into one box - curry, fish batter, mushy peas, pie, pudding, chips, gravy, all congealed and second hand.
Maurie had to go to the hospital for a second time yesterday for x-rays because his nose has not yet congealed," said Potter.
There is quite a lot of blood under the muscle that has congealed and needed to be drained off.
Cockroaches, dirt, poor personal hygiene and congealed fat are just some of the shocking discoveries uncovered in health inspector reports on kebab shops and chippies in Caroline Street - known affectionately as Chip Alley to thousands of revellers - in Cardiff city centre.