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After being sprayed onto surfaces, the WD-40 congeals the cocaine and makes it unsniffable.
Graffiti hotspots, including Myton Road, Leamington town centre and Hatton Park, have also been daubed with special anti-vandal paint that congeals and disperses spray paint.
The Class A drug congeals to a sticky mess and can't be snorted.
As a company ages it congeals, employees coalesce in layers of management to impede the flow of information from the leaders to the workers and vice versa.
Blocked drains rise by a quarter over the festive period when 1000 tons of leftover fat is poured down sinks, where it congeals.
REVOLUTIONARY ROAD BBc4 9Pm Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (above) wail at each other after courtship congeals into suburban marriage.