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Inviolability of alienable property is a coessential, congeneric, and the only efficient protective mantle around the core of self-ownership.
Congeneric species of Pardosa have the same daily and seasonal pattern, but segregate by vertical or horizontal stratification (Greenstone 1980; Suwa 1986).
Careful investigation of the image area with respect to the degree of its congeneric constitution and the quantification of the anomaly is required to find the presence of a confined thermal impact.
Normalized PCB congeneric patterns were similar for American eels collected in the Delaware River and along New Jersey coastal waters, being dominated by contributions from coeluting congener groups 153 + 132 + 105 and 163 + 138, and to a lesser degree 77 + H0, 180 and 170 + 190.
These techniques are limited to series of similar compounds (most commonly congeneric series), such as is often observed in classic drug optimization studies.
A series of one-factor congeneric measurement models was calculated based on substantive theory.
At the turn of the century, Overton [1] published systematic studies on the narcotic effects of congeneric series of alcohols, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, nitriles, esters, and nitroparaffins on a variety of aquatic species, notably tadpoles of the frog species Rana temporia.
1995) also examined food habits of the three congeneric flatfishes in the eastern Bering Sea and determined that Alaska plaice exhibited the narrowest diet selection, consisting primarily of polychaetes and other worms.
1971), "Statistical Analysis of Sets of Congeneric Tests," Psychometrica, 36, 109-133.
A secondary objective of this study was to amplify a congeneric species, Mercenaria campechiensis, using the same suite of microsatellite markers to assess their utility for detecting interspecific hybridization.
Cytogenetic and Molecular Analyses Reveal a Divergence between Acromyrmex striatus (Roger, 1863) and Other Congeneric Species: Taxonomic Implications.
Analyses of plumage mono- or dichromatism of known-sex individuals are limited to a handful of studies in this and the other two congeneric species (e.