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CONCLUSIONS: We found positive and consistent associations between multiple heat indicators during the relevant developmental window and congenital cataracts which should be confirmed with other data sources.
The absence of the antibodies to the aetiological agents in congenital cataract patients may be due to the fact that, the primary infection of the lens would have been in the central lens fibers at a stage when immunological apparatus had not attained maturity to react to the viral antigen and the developing immune system has considered it as self-antigen (1,3).
21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Researchers in the United Kingdom have demonstrated that advanced DNA testing for congenital cataracts can quickly and accurately diagnose a number of rare diseases marked by childhood blindness, according to a study published online today in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
Parents Nichola Lowery and Mark Ellison have also had to learn quickly what cataracts can mean for a newborn baby, after their daughter Ruby was born with congenital cataracts.
After an extensive search of the literature, we arrived at the conclusion that ours is the first reported case of a supernumerary nostril and congenital cataract on the same side.
His milky eyes tell the story: Congenital cataracts have robbed him of his vision.
The test was able to pinpoint the exact genetic cause of congenital cataract in 75% of cases.
The youngest was a 14-year-old boy with congenital cataract and severe vision deterioration.
For example, congenital cataract may not lead to nystagmus if the visual axis remains clear.
The majority of vision problems detected include severe hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), congenital glaucoma and congenital cataract.
The first patient was 10-year-old Lisa Moore, who was born with a congenital cataract and was blind in one eye.
For example, if an infant is born with a congenital cataract, the lens inside the eye, which is used for focusing, is cloudy.

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