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His superficial resemblance to Bowie was a cute gimmick when he narrated Space Oddity but became the point in his version of Fashion, where he turned the stage into a runway and his ensemble into an odd conglomeration of characters, all strutting down the diagonal.
As you might have guessed, Children Now's concern is as much media conglomeration as Inspector Gadget.
CHACT is a public/private sector conglomeration of major hotel chains, airlines and credit card companies which have joined forces with both CARICOM and non-CARICOM nations to market and promote the Caribbean as a single destination.
Hanks said: "My character is a conglomeration of quite a few FBI agents.
A second, more popularly used definition the OED gives to keiretsu is ''a conglomeration of separate businesses linked together by cross-shareholdings in one another to form a robust corporate structure, highly resistant to take-over bids or drastic losses.
The second chapter offers close readings of five novellas in order to demonstrate Zayas's concept of character as a "changing conglomeration of subject-positions" (33).
The present situation facing Indonesia is the same as that when Dutch forces left: is it really a nation or an artificial conglomeration of 13,677 islands divided by religion (including militant Mohammedism) and race?
We like to end our football winter conditioning program with the "Spartan Strongman Contest" -- a conglomeration of finishers matching the offense against the defense,
It says: "Sausages are but a conglomeration of bits and scraps, mingled with joints which are approaching the borderline of freshness.
However, experts also agree that the merger of Spieker Properties with Equity Office properties, a conglomeration which has created a $27 billion company, would meet all the requirements of an S&P 500 member.
a bid that followed a frenzied courtship dual with megapork processor Smithfield's -- is the latest example of ongoing conglomeration that inevitably creates uneasiness.