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The OJK has identified 50 conglomerations, or main entities, which control 80 percent of the overall financial service industry.
OJK Regulation on Implementation of Integrated Risk Management for Financial Conglomeration
as an explanation of a preamble of what transpired in later decades of concentration and conglomeration of media in the 1980s and 1990s.
Almacenes de Jugos is made up by a conglomeration of many growers together with venture capitalists and a new entrant into the Mexican fruit processing industry.
Aster Medcity is a conglomeration of multi-use hospitals on one campus.
NNA - 21/04/2012 - Lebanese Druze politician of the Tawheed Unification party Wi'am Wahhab, met in Syria with a conglomeration of Syro-Iraqi Bedouin tribal chieftains in a bid to galvanize support for the Assad regime and further what he termed as "Arab economic unity between Lebanese-Syrian and Iraqi clans" Addressing a group of clansmen and religious dignitaries at Sheikh Trad's home of al-Bayda near Homs today, Wahhab underscored what he termed as "the regime's ability at largely sidestepping the imperial-Zionist conspiracy aimed at blocking Assad's resistance to America and Israel".
Summary: DUBAI - Combine the two most popular forms of Indian entertainment -- Bollywood and cricket -- and the resulting conglomeration is a team that aims to rival the best the game has to offer.
that clarify just how extensive this conglomeration has become.
We are a living economy, a breathing conglomeration of diversity - rooted in a values system - advanced of most, and branched from suffering, that will never be condensed down to a symbolic outdated single issue.
The ministry had signed last week a final contract to develop the first stage of West Qarna oilfield with a conglomeration of Exxon Mobil and Shell companies, hopefully to up production by more than two million barrels and to offer 100,000 jobs, as stated by Iraqi Minister of Oil Hussein al-Shahrestani.
Agartala, Apr 16 (ANI): Senior Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday compared the newly-formed 'Third Front' with a drama, saying it was a conglomeration of some State parties in search of a Prime Minister.
If our Premier gave us the right to vote, there is no doubt we too would be out of this conglomeration.