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We will not be in March, and women have a big holiday, we must congratulate them today.
I congratulate the CJP for taking note of disenfranchisement of Overseas Pakistanis and asking NADRA and ECP to find ways to give them their right of vote.
12 to congratulate him on his election as the 12th president of the Republic of Turkey and to wish him well.
Congratulating Christopher was Atlantis The Palm vice president of Culinary Chef Sascha Triemer who said: "The entire Atlantis The Palm team congratulates our Chef Christopher Graham on winning Time Out's Young Chef of the Year Award.
Sharma said he'd move a resolution in the Delhi Assembly on Monday to congratulate Dhawan for his magnificent performance.
BEIRUT: Former Prime Minister Sd Hariri visited Prince Khaled bin Bandar bin Abdel-Aziz Monday to congratulate him on his appointment as the new governor of Riyadh.
Although the Kosovo state leadership was among the first to congratulate on the 20th anniversary of Macedonia's independence, the Macedonian state leadership did not congratulate on the 5th anniversary of Kosovo's independence.
In a statement issued in Brussels ,Thursday ,the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton said " I congratulate Sudan and South Sudan for signing agreement in Addis Ababa, noting that this agreement represents a historic step for both countries and I congratulate both Governments on the leadership and spirit of compromise they have shown in reaching this agreement.
The ministry said, "we congratulate Eroglu for winning the presidential election and appreciate his determination as a leader with a profound state experience to maintain the full-fledged negotiations aiming to find a solution to the Cyprus issue.
Telegram sent from Obama to President Bakiev states: "On behalf of American people I congratulate people of Kyrgyzstan with a national holiday celebrated on August 31.
First, I would like to congratulate you on the long life of Catholic Insight which I have enjoyed for many years.
Does he personally congratulate every Welsh person who is successful at raising awareness of Wales.