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It soon became apparent that we had been sighted by those on shore, for a great multitude of warriors had congregated along the beach watching us.
FILE - al-Mukkatam city police station, where crowds congregated in protest of 22-old Afroto's death CAIRO -- 6 January 2018: Crowds of residents congregated outside the police station of al-Mukkatam city, Northern of Cairo, where a 22 year-old man nicknamed Afroto was allegedly killed by security forces on Friday.
Then they all congregated into a ball and started to settle down.
Police say that groups have in the past congregated around the Heulaugh Park shops area.
The GSMA, the organiser of Mobile World Congress, was forced to close the main gates to the trade show on Wednesday 29 as thousands of student protesters congregated in Plaza Espanya, the area of Barcelona where the show is located.
Ahead of the final game of the season at home game against Stoke City, hundreds of fans congregated outside the ground holding placards with the words "Go" aimed at the Glazer family which owns the club.
Summary: More than 50,000 music fans congregated in London for the first day of the Wireless festival.
It is intended to irritate, rather than hurt its targets, in order to disperse them from an area they have congregated in and where they may be causing annoyance.
Porter, who identified herself as lawyer for Mad Dog Cafe on Main Street, the area in which loiterers have congregated, criticized Chief McKiel for singling out Mad Dog Cafe and nearby Mr.
He also found that the moths congregated only on the downwind side of the occupied cages, further evidence that the females' scent was attracting females.
Eugene-Springfield's third annual Million Mom March snakes along the Skinner Butte Park bike path on Sunday after leaving the fountain at EWEB's plaza, where the marchers initially congregated for speakers, music and information booths.