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The Mosquito alarm first hit the headlines in 2005 for using an annoying ultra-high tone, audible only to youngsters, to stop youths congregating outside shopping centres and other places.
He said: 'It is true that assuming my judgment to be correct in law it must follow that there is nothing in principle which prevents a landowner being liable for a nuisance caused by wild birds congregating on his property, or indeed wildlife of any kind.
The area continues to be a hub for youths congregating in and around McDonald's.
PCSO Sue Hughes, of Rugeley Neighbourhood Policing Unit, said: "We have received reports previously of young people congregating in the area and behaving in an anti-social manner.
A directive was given to all police officers to enforce the one-hour parking limit in downtown and control the youthful congregating as much as possible, he said.
They are also barred from congregating together in groups of four or more in a public place and entering certain streets or pubs and bars in the Norris Green area.
POLICE have been given extra powers to clamp down on nuisance motorists "cruising" and congregating on an industrial estate in north Warwickshire.
These facilities would hopefully be well used by the village's young people and would stop them congregating in the Dirker Drive bus shelter, she added.
City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said the injunctions encourage the community to report relatively minor infractions - such as gang members congregating in their neighborhood - which, in turn, helps police prevent more serious crime.
The residents objected to the snack van on the grounds of smell, litter and problems caused by schoolchildren congregating in the street.
Predators can be drawn to a new home by congregating pheromones, chemical attractants normally emitted when members of their species have scouted a rich feast of prey.
Followers of Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, New Age, and many other religions are congregating in real-time discussions and religious services.