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Hypothesis 2: Person-organization value congruence will moderate the relationship between workplace fun and experienced fun.
A customer can identify with a door-to-door salesperson based on appearance and self-image congruence.
In the third style of weak actor congruence and strong policy coherence, we anticipate strong conflict among the signatories.
Combining it with (3), we find the congruence [sup.
Since the United States has been a strong ally of South Korea and still plays an important role in East Asian affairs, we expect that US interests strongly influence vote congruence between South Korea and China.
Table 3 showed that, when biases were removed, all the items loaded on the expected dimension, with appropriate or excellent congruence indexes.
Although lacking further elaboration on this matter, van Willigen's analysis of institutional congruence with local political culture and its contradictory results, in fact, yields additional merit to this book by creating a further space for discussion and research on the significance of such congruence.
This study was set to uncover, in our hospital setting, possible relations between some selected medical evidence moderators and PRSP-NEP congruence features in order to assess the hypothesis that the exposure to such moderators may bias nurses against reporting pain in others.
N] (n) for n = 7, 11, and 5l, for any integer l [greater than or equal to] 1, and prove some congruence properties modulo 2, 3, and 5 by using Ramanujan's theta-function identities.
This allowed for an exploration of the congruence of participant responses over the 2-4 week period.
There are several mathematical formulas available to calculate congruence (Brown & Gore, 1994; Camp & Chartrand, 1992).
The concept of finding inverse modulo prime powers is significant for understanding the solution of a linear congruence of the form ax 1 (mod p ) .