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With regard to the research questions, these results suggest that (1) individual-current culture congruence effects can be manifested in transformational contexts, and (2) congruencies with different culture dimensions may not always have similar affective implications.
This study broadens our understanding concerning the affective implications of individual-culture congruencies and suggests future avenues of research regarding such congruencies.
Two potential explanations for the salience of congruencies across all culture dimensions for organizational commitment and optimism seem particularly plausible.
Second, the results suggest that individuals' assessments of their organizational commitment and optimism may require more holistic evaluations of culture congruence, as reflected in the salience of the congruencies across diverse culture dimensions.
In these treatments, congruencies across culture dimensions are combined to form an overall assessment (e.
To the extent that congruencies for certain culture dimensions are more germane for particular affective outcomes, a global assessment of congruence may have the effect of diluting the influence of those congruencies or masking the insignificance of others.
Our study demonstrates that, in terms of individual reactions, congruencies with varying culture dimensions do not always have the same impact.
Assessing individual-culture congruencies across a range of culture dimensions during transformation efforts offers clear diagnostic advantages over global assessments of congruence.