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Although the results with the incongruent condition replicate the descriptive pattern of Experiment 1, the bottom plot shows a different outcome for the congruent condition.
0](n) denote the number of partitions of n with parts not congruent to [+ or -]1 (mod 16) and all having two colors except for parts congruent to [+ or -]2 (mod 16) and odd parts being distinct.
Work Restrictions (56%) and Agreed Terms to Describe Work Restrictions (64%) were less thematically congruent.
CDI will contribute managed service provider, vendor management systems and operational support to Congruent Talent.
Recall that American and Japanese participants showed higher correct response rates than Malaysian participants, participants answered more accurately for state names than city names, and were more accurate in the congruent condition than in the incongruent and the neutral conditions.
A congruent councilor puts zero weights on management bribes ([alfa] = 0).
m,r] (n) be the number of partitions of n into parts which are either odd and congruent to 2r + 1 (mod 4r + 2), or even and not congruent to 0 (mod 2m).
If the valence-elevation effect has a semantic origin and not merely a lexical origin, we should be able to find a facilitating influence of semantically congruent or associated stimuli on categorization performance, even if categorizations concern spatial words, such as "up" and "down", on the one hand, and of affective (positive and negative) faces on the other hand.
Preparation of culturally congruent health care professionals begins in school.
Finding all possible congruent numbers is a problem that mathematicians have tackled for centuries.
If three sides of one triangle are congruent to three sides of another triangle then the triangles are congruent.