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This is reflected congruently in Subset C, a group of 75-80 symbols that are sorted correctly into the 'Infrastructures' category with a high level of agreement among participants; nearly all card by category and card by card agreement scores are above 75%, with many above 90%.
As counseling programs recognize that providing an interactive, sociocultural learning environment is dynamic, faculty are challenged to adopt teaching-learning strategies that build on a knowledge base that empowers and encourages learning transferability, integrative learning, and meaning that can be congruently linked with social constructivist learning theory (McAuliffe & Eriksen, 2000).
s poem appeared congruently with working-class mobilization in the form of the Chartist movement, Hutton's use of an identical rhetorical construction predates the Chartist examples by no less than five years.
I found that the networking event brought together people congruently seeking interest to expand their business.
Their profiles change congruently in all zones, and they represent the mineral fraction that consists of siliciclastic particles derived from catchment mineral sources (Boyle, 2001).
Usually they will help the parents; (a) become more forgiving as a couple, (b) learn how to coach their children to make decisions to forgive, experience emotional forgiveness, and (c) communicate forgiveness as congruently as they can.
I am able to extend grace congruently because of my own experience of grace.
Congruently, a major educational focus for the school was citizenship and preparing students to serve as town leaders and active citizens in the future.
Congruently, higher beer taxes have larger and more statistically significant effects on nighttime fatalities for 0- to 4-yr-olds and 10- to 15-yr-olds; while for 5- to 9-yr-olds, higher beer taxes have larger and more statistically significant effects on daytime fatalities.
Understanding the cognitive frameworks shows how lawyers can operate congruently with mediators, rather than in opposition to them.
Furthermore, this collaboration congruently allows AUBMC physicians to transfer their clinical expertise to areas outside of Beirut," a university statement said.
a rigorous pleading sufficiency standard congruently with summary