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Soon enough, on the Dieppe maps, Terre Australle came to be used both for known coasts (or coasts that were believed to be real) and for conjectural coasts.
The very same texts that Zagarri argues laid the basis for the expansion of women's political roles in this period--Alexander's history and the writings of the Scottish conjectural historians--were the ones that, according to Murphy, limited women to a differentiated form of domestic citizenship.
107) The court explained that a claimant is entitled to actual notice only if she meets a two-pronged test: the claimant must be "reasonably ascertainable," and the claim must be more than "merely conjectural.
The number theory has been occupying a field of conjectural problems.
In reality, a great deal of the marrying of texts and tunes is conjectural, if not at times approaching the arbitrary.
In Hutson's reading, when we weigh evidence for and against, raising as well as reflecting upon causes for why people act, we are like poets weaving stories, entertaining conjectural answers to questions of who, what, when, where, how and why.
In each case he attempts to reconstruct Kant's best views; at times, he goes to great lengths, appealing in the case of sexual morality to Kant's Conjectural Beginning of Human History to find seeds for a sexual morality more enlightened than the notorious views for which Kant is known in this area.
That factor, the coefficient of conjectural variation, V, determined that repetitive responses of the two smaller network service providers would either complement (V = +1) or substitute (V = -1) for service initiatives of AT&T.
In order to obtain independent conjectural variation measures, the degrees of retail oligopoly and oligopsony power are estimated separately for individual meat markets.
If the resulting study appears fragmentary and conjectural, it is because Christianity is still finding a new identity as it leaves behind the husk of the religion preached by missionaries from the "Majority World" (xix).
Much of this second study is inevitably conjectural rather than conclusive.
The index proposed allows for the presence of more than one firm and for the existence of conjectural variations.