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Garnick said, "The ConJoin Group saw a significant opportunity to dramatically scale up operations and improve the PHNS product offering in response to unprecedented North American demand for healthcare IT services.
The Conjoin Group and Actis were advised by Jefferies & Co.
The Conjoin Group is a strategic transformative IT and business services company with a notable difference from earlier generations of BPO providers.
ConJoin Group currently has approximately 200 employees in Mumbai, India working on back office, BPO and IT tasks.
The ConJoin model is based on improving a business' overall performance in a remarkably accelerated way and reflects a vision that Mr.
Far too frequently, a gap exists between strategic intent and operational reality, and ConJoin has developed proven processes and methods that close these gaps," said Mr.
Kanwar Singh joins the ConJoin team as managing director, and also serves as president and COO of ConJoin's first client Avotus.
Geoffrey Mott joins ConJoin as a senior advisor with overall responsibility for building out the group's investment professional deal flow team and go-to-market model.
Prior to Conjoin, Hoffman was co-founder of Rampart Technologies, an application integration consulting group.
Her IT leadership and savvy is key to the success of Conjoin and its customers.