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The Conjoin Group is a strategic transformative IT and business services company with a notable difference from earlier generations of BPO providers.
The ConJoin Group is a pioneer in developing the 4th Generation Global Services Model[TM] which integrates capital formation, strategic leadership, business process consulting and leverages a global delivery model to transform assets into high value entities.
Luciw brings more than 25 years of sales and sales management experience to The ConJoin Group.
Caput Algol, the most evil of fixed stars, conjoins Gore's birth chart and corresponds to the tarot's The Hanged Man, foretelling a fall from grace.
Although the NVCA's remarks are geared toward creating a long term path to liquidity via IPOs or M&A mechanisms, the ConJoin Group believes that a fundamental shift in the funding of venture-backed companies has occurred.
ConJoin and Jefferson Partners will provide leadership and transformation services along with capital to North American Companies with sales between $25 million and $200 million.
Adam has proved himself more than capable to lead Conjoin's sales effort," said Nick d'Arbeloff, CEO of Conjoin.
Heath's IT leadership at Conjoin has profoundly influenced the company's ability to meet the needs of its customers and contributed to a positive work environment.
We are extremely excited to add DuPont Pharmaceuticals to our growing list of customers," said Nick d'Arbeloff, president and CEO of Conjoin.
To properly support it's growing field operations, Conjoin utilizes it's own product as the hub through which information flows from the home office to the field, and from the sales force to customers.