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Many conjoined twins die in the womb (stillborn) or die shortly after birth," according to the Mayo Clinic.
The overall survival rate of conjoined twins is between five and 25 per cent.
DMS Dr Sanwal and Dr Khuzaima informed that such twins were called in conjoined twins.
Jemma, of Tranent, East Lothian, said: "We came to the informed decision to have a selective reduction of our conjoined twins as we couldn't bear to make them suffer.
Conjoined twins, or twins whose bodies are connected, account for approximately one of every 200,000 live births.
We now have the facilities to perform ceasarian operations but the hospital has no capability to separate the conjoined twins," he said.
Ultrasound showed monochorionic, mono amniotic live conjoined twins of 28 weeks+3weeks.
Conjoined twins, in most cases, have failed to survive even before birth.
On dissection of monster, normal thoracic viscera were present in both conjoined twins, but abdominal viscera and pelvic organs were common for both with an enlarged single liver and spleen.
Summary: Conjoined twin baby girls have been released from a hospital in China almost three weeks .
Methodology: Medical records of conjoined twins admitted to our hospital for treatment and considered for surgical separation from 1996 to present were retrospectively reviewed.
The conjoined twins were born recently in Al-Amal Specialist Hospital in Hodeida province.