conjugal union

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In such a lawsuit, a spouse alleges, for example, that that their conjugal union is too damaged to continue the marriage.
Consider the institution of marriage, understood traditionally as a kind of conjugal union, for which during pleasurable coitus, the intention to procreate and rear children is not separated from the intention to promote the "faithful clinging to each other exclusively as best of friends" that St.
It protects human life from the moment of conception and defines marriage as "understood to be the conjugal union of a man and a woman" The family is recognised as "the basis for the survival of the nation.
Thus, the inherent orientation of conjugal union to children
ii) any kind of conjugal union with more than one person at the same time, whether or not it is by law recognized as a binding form of marriage, or
To resolve this problem we need to spread awareness in society so that we do not marry girls who are not mature enough for conjugal union.
The theory goes that there used to be life on Mars but the Martians fled in fiery chariots to Earth in Biblical times, found its daughters fair enough for conjugal union and soon gained a reputation as gods.
In addition, the Vatican objects to the fact that conception is the result of a "technical action" rather "a specific act of the conjugal union.
Moral judgments about individuals whose sexual practices are not circumscribed to a conjugal union (which are negatively sanctioned by society) change when it is discovered that the woman is pregnant, due to the very fact that she is to be a mother (Lagarde, 1994b; Riquer, 1996).
The book under review is a solid example of how textual excavation, typical of the philological theories and practices that are characteristic of the Italian tradition, can exist in a relationship of conjugal union with a methodology rooted in the attempt to shed light on the signifying properties and systems of the text.
In the past, being able to hand over the head of an enemy to his wife marked him as a true man and guaranteed the fertility of their conjugal union.
Reflecting on this instability of the black subject, Reid-Pharr declares, "I will maintain throughout Conjugal Union .