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The current ICE age: biology and evolution of SXT-related integrating conjugative elements.
The difference in the dissemination of these resistant traits may be related to the observation that the vanA gene cluster is often located on a transposon which, in turn, can be a part of a conjugative (transferable) plasmid (45).
5 MDa conjugative plasmid Absent Plasmid name 'Asian' Epidemiological link The Phillipines Phenotype (auxotype) Proline-requiring or wild type Plasmid size 4.
This is because the conjugative effect of the monomers is enhanced when the hydrogen atoms on the side chain of acrylate are substituted by fluorine atoms.
ESBLs are encoded on conjugative plasmids, transposons or integrons and these elements are readily spread under selective antibiotic pressure.
This process is largely, although not exclusively, responsible for increasing the incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through various mechanisms, such as transformation by acquisition of naked DNA, transduction by acquisition of DNA through bacteriophages, and conjugation by acquisition of DNA through plasmids or conjugative transposons (3,4).
2008), and oqxA and oqxB have been found in a conjugative plasmid that conferred resistance to the antibiotic olaquindox, which has been used as a swine growth enhancer (Hansen a al.
Inhibition of conjugative R_ plasmid transfer in enteric bacteria [17,18]
So, the lives of macroradicals were prolonged effectively due to the conjugative effect of phenyl groups.
Moreover, a potential genetic island consisting of conjugative transposable elements was found in strains HKU37 and HKU38 but not in HKU36.
In addition it was concluded that dosimetry of DCA, conjugative metabolites, and metabolism in the lung remained highly uncertain (Clewell et al.