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For the type of audit environment addressed in this research, increases in attention to information may cause auditors to more closely link an event to a schema and thus, be more susceptible to the schema-related memory conjunction problems discussed in H1 and H2.
Predictably, the linkage of a grand conjunction, the numerologically significant year 2000, and the Second Coming has proven irresistible to the eschatologically impaired.
Uses of Conjunctions One of the distinctive features is the superior use of conjunctions among J Group.
This is the closest planetary conjunction until a Mars-Uranus pairing in 2013 and the closest pairing of the sky's two brightest planets since 1892.
With the passage of Nevada Law AB471, which authorizes the use of mobile communication devices for gaming in public areas in Nevada casinos, Diamond I seeks to secure a Las Vegas hotel/casino to serve as the demonstration site for its WifiCasino, in conjunction with its application for a gaming license in Nevada.
Friedman also leased 5,000 square feet for a new Blockbuster Video store at the Morton Village Shopping Center in Plainview, in conjunction with Winick Realty.
In conjunction with its distribution subsidiary, Imperia International Distribution, the company engages in investing in and producing and distributing full-length feature films.
There will also be a top-secret performance car, developed in conjunction with one of GM's more notable celebrity partners, in the stand.
Additionally, three states (Louisiana, Michigan and Illinois) were assigned Negative Rating Outlooks and only one state (California) was assigned a Positive Rating Outlook in conjunction with Fitch's first-time formal assignments of rating outlooks for state general obligation credits in April.
MERCURY, the nearest planet to the sun, will be at inferior conjunction with the sun at 11:30pm in Doha on August 26, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced on Tuesday.
As described in this Perspective article, Aspect Medical Systems does not support the use of the BIS technology in conjunction with lethal injections," said Scott Kelley, M.