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Under pressure of the economic conjuncture and reduction of price for aluminum, the income of the company reduced significantly.
In Modern Buddhist Conjunctures in Myanmar: Cultural Narratives, Colonial Legacies, and Civil Society, Juliane Schober examines several "conjunctures" or "pivotal moments" between the 17th century and the present that acutely demonstrate the complex dynamics between Theravada Buddhism and the country's political centers, offering a glimpse into how Buddhists have entered the public sphere.
The primary thesis of Conjunctures seeks to dispel the myth set forth by Max Weber; i.
to determine the conjunctures of Ottoman manufacturing as a whole" (p.
Modern Buddhist conjunctures in Myanmar; cultural narratives, colonial legacies, and civil society.
While he moves more rapidly in contrasting 1790 and 1823 as industrial conjunctures, he nonetheless teases out local, national and international forces that led to dramatic changes in the nature and future of Catalan growth.
This is an interdisciplinary exploration of conjunctures between postcolonialism and tourism theory as seen primarily through an aesthetic, literary lens.
His narrative, which begins in 1400, emphasizes these historical contingencies and conjunctures, along with "silver, sugar, slaves, and cotton.