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According to Connate, "Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets in the emerging economies and we entered the market purely by the dynamics of an ever evolving media scene.
The cement is exclusively composed of low-Mg calcite appearing in angular equant to slightly elongated crystals, which indicates precipitation from the meteoric or connate fresh surface (glacial lake) water and/or near-surface groundwater at low to moderate supersaturation and flow conditions.
The gynoecium consists of three connate carpels forming a single pistil differentiated into a 3-lobed, white ovary, a single upwardly curved, blue style, and a single capitate, papillose, pale-yellow stigma (Figs.
Where saline contaminations have so far been observed within coastal aquifers of the Niger Delta, they are still being debated, whether of connate origin, island condition, or true intrusion.
Flowers 70-95 mm long; petals (35-) 55-62 mm long, connate at base for 7-17 mm, erect to suberect at anthesis.
For the SATRC, emphasis on forgiveness, amnesty and the exclusion of retributive or prosecutorial truths, meant forgetting became connate to forgiveness; elements within the SATRC theme of reconciliation.
Across the Murray Darling Basin salt has accumulated naturally (primary salinity) in the regolith via cyclical deposits, aeolian processes, and connate stores.
The injected steam flows convectively to the outer edges of the chamber and releases its latent heat to the cool oil sand at the edges warming the oil, rock, and connate water.
The logic of hospitality turns on the existence of these borders: they are connate with the identity of the host, as well as with the definition of the other (the arrivant) who is the actual or potential recipient, across such a border, of the host's magnanimity.
Connate and conning, doomed / to decumbence, or are we swinging free?
If the matrix materials have never had their connate waters removed by desiccation and/or the historical lowering of water tables in the region, does this mean that all regional dewatering has been along fractures and matrix borders only?
Tubercles of lateral eyes connate, lateral eyes much larger than median eyes.