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We introduced a measure of family connectedness that summarizes the dynamic relationships in a family network embedded in space and time.
Associations between perceptions of school connectedness and adolescent health risk behaviours in South African high school learners.
Social connectedness, dysfunctional interpersonal behaviors, and psychological distress: Testing a mediator model.
In this paper, we examine the relationship between the board connectedness of firms and their bond yield spreads.
Researchers have previously developed instruments to measure children's connectedness to nature quantitatively.
A strong correlation exists between a country's connectedness - its readiness for the challenges of globalization - and its government effectiveness, regulatory quality, competitive industrial performance and overall economic success.
Peer harassment, school connectedness, and academic achievement.
Those who perceive law enforcement as a calling feel this spiritual purpose and connectedness, which often can lead to officers inadvertently sacrificing their emotional well-being through their dedicated service.
Fifth, as noted above, social connectedness and social involvement were measured by a single item each, thereby limiting the ability to assess levels of complex constructs.
The DHL Global Connectedness Index has ranked Namibia as the 100th most globally connected country in the world.
Results indicated there were no significant differences in the number of perceived barriers based on sex, grades taught, perceived importance of connection building, perceived role of the teacher to build positive connections, previous training on school connectedness, administrator encouragement, whether teachers worked at a school with a school committee to build connections, school location, and perceived school climate.