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It is not a laptop, but a device with 3G or wireless connection connectible to the internet.
The first section deals with "The World of Harry Potter: Connectible Internationally with Specific Components" in terms of four general realms: "The Educational Establishment of a School" (76-85), which compares the curriculum of Hogwarts to curricular developments in Britain--see also pages 134-48 below--and Europe; "Politics and Politicians" (85-92), on the parallels between the Ministry of Magic and the British parliamentary government; "Journalism: Boulevard Periodicals Everywhere" (92-99), on Rita Skeeter and German popular periodicals; and "Sport and Its Functions" (99-104), mostly on Quidditch.
By teaming with leading healthcare technology companies like MediNotes, we are able to provide more EMR connectible devices than any other medical device manufacturer in the ambulatory care space.