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In addition to Connexus, the Company's comprehensive portfolio includes gaming machines, game content and systems; table games products and shufflers, instant and draw-based lottery games, as well as server-based lottery and gaming systems; sports betting technology; player loyalty and rewards programs; and interactive content and services.
It has delivered Connexus print billing and consultative services since 2006.
org/links Links to Health TeleMental Institute Health Resources Figure 3 Company Telephone URL Uniquness Connexus 800-938-8888 www.
While the FILO's purchase price was not provided, Christenson said Connexus believed so strongly in the company's track record that in addition to the purchase the credit union plans to invest even more to keep the momentum going.
For application providers such as OMS/EMS vendors, order routing specialists, market data vendors, FX platforms, exchanges, electronic communication networks (ECN) and clearing firms, Connexus delivers guaranteed service performance for their customers to access and use their trade lifecycle applications.
CONNEXUS customers who attended a focus group after the study reported saving an average of $10 a month.
PHILADELPHIA -- Connexus Technology commemorates 10 years of excellence as a provider of technology that allows healthcare providers to better securely manage, exchange and analyze health information.
NATALIE Dean became the latest casualty of The Apprentice when she was fired by Lord Sugar after Team Connexus failed in their task.
Additionally, OTR Global selected IPC's Connexus Financial Extranet to provide the reach OTR Global needs for data services to capital markets worldwide at a cost savings.
is using the nGenius Service Assurance Solution for comprehensive, real-time performance management of its cloud-based Connexus Financial Extranet service and other products in its Financial Market Network Portfolio.
MyNetFone (MNF), the telecom firm of Australia, has declared that it has decided to acquire Connexus for $4.
The $360 million Connexus Credit Union is carving out a special merger path in its central Wisconsin hometown by consolidating two of its smaller competitors.