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Nawab Zubairi recently retired from Foreign Service, while it has also been said that Pakistani and Indian doctors, currently absconding , and conniving with Zubairi in issuing fake medical prescriptions could (would) also be soon arrested.
com/series/dallas/) Dallas ," playing the conniving son of his even more conniving father, J.
There are just two problems - conniving Amber is a bridesmaid and Soph still has serious doubts.
The spoilt, conniving minx Helen who will stop at nothing to get her way.
Police has arrested the two guards, accusing them of conniving in the robbery, and have also registered a case on behalf of bank manager, Abbas.
This in itself makes you wonder if there are factors unknown at work, conniving and plotting to make sure Scotland does not progress as an independant nation
having to rely on a diving and conniving petulant so and so.
Summary: DUBAI - Legitimate manpower recruitment agencies in Manila found guilty of conniving with employers and their local counterparts in UAE in cheating Filipino workers will face court cases and will be issued preventive suspension orders.
In order to prove his love, Tristan agrees to bring Victoria a fallen star as a birthday gift and he defies the orders of the sentry (Kelly) to cross the gap in the wall and pass into the magical realm of Stormhold, where conniving hag Lamia (Pfeiffer) and Prince Septimus (Strong) also seek the fallen celestial body.
In order to prove his love, Tristan agrees to bring Victoria a fallen star as a birthday present and he crosses the wall into the realm of Stormhold, where Prince Septimus and conniving hag Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) also seek the fallen celestial body.
Flanked by co-workers as flamboyant, frosty, ill-tempered, conniving, or vapid as any reality show cast, Tucker is sucked in with them on increasingly surreal adventures, from being stranded on a deserted island to a murder plot, all of which cast eerie echoes on the fantasy lives he's try to put on television.
THE seventh in Scarrow's series of novels about the legions sees our centurion heroes Macro and Cato sent to the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire on a secret mission to discover if the governor there is conniving with local troublemakers to fuel a rebellion against Rome.