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These 3 things insecurity, hunger and corruption connote in 1word 'Congress', why use 3 when 1word is enough?
Did it occur to the "experts" on the panel that the word "mean" in English connotes inadequate, inferior, poor, shabby, vicious, and malicious?
In addition, the dissent noted that the Supreme Court had held the term "right" to connote "ascertainable and legally enforceable power," and the term "enjoyment" to connote "substantial present economic benefit.
Although "marine reserves" or "marine protected areas" may connote different things m different people, Fujita argues persuasively, though not exclusively, for no-take reserves and that a system of carefully chosen and completely protected areas would provide substantial benefits for a broad range of marine species and habitat types.
Company officials said the new name, derived from the Latin "fidere," meaning trust, is intended to connote the company's commitment to delivering independent, accurate test solutions to fuel cell developers, integrators and universities
At the time, it was used to connote feudal patronage and reliance on the benevolence of the nobility.
It's the same gasp heard when we dropped the B-word which was used to connote any mixer.
IBM has simplified its ThinkPad product lineup and changed the naming scheme to connote the experience of the product.
Definitionally, 'Islamism' does not connote a unitary phenomenon.
This term does not connote a sense of being without flaw but rather of being complete, full, or accomplished.
If nicknames connote trust, Joe Hairston's parents set him on the right path the day they just named him "Joe" rather than Joseph.