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Other nominations included "nom," the runner-up, which traces to Sesame Street and connotes "yummy food.
Mean is a statistical term, and no one in the lay community uses "mean" to connote average.
To the wider world, the name Hillary connotes a certain ex-first lady, now a senator from New York and presumptive presidential candidate.
It is important to note here that a better translation for the "Jews" would be the "Judeans," which connotes more than just the Jewish believers but a particular sense of nationalism, way of worship at the temple, and loyalty to the Pharisaic tradition.
His name, a mixture of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian, connotes an Indian Everyman, but he has done something few people could hope to do: win 12 trivia questions on the quiz show Who Will Win a Billion?
Moreover, the phrase "symptoms for which you received medical care" connotes an intent to treat or uncover the particular ailment that causes that symptom--even absent a timely diagnosis--rather than some nebulous or unspecified medical problem.
In ruling for the taxpayer, the Court noted that the term "right" connotes an "ascertainable and legally enforceable power" and the purported rights Byrum retained--i.
The grid connotes order and regularity, yet now much more than before, Gallagher's subversive additions overpower the scene.
Its softness connotes respect for the other person and their opinions.
The title of Stephen Harp's highly intelligent and engaging book connotes more than one might initially suspect.
They communicate in a terse shorthand that connotes a shared history; the tension in their faces makes us want to follow them.
Object and thing are synonyms; object, appropriately for a visual discipline, connotes a "thing seen or perceived (OED).