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Reproductive behavior and health in consanguineous marriages.
Few studies were conducted among Arabs to investigate the family clustering of diabetes, despite high consanguineous marriages.
Nevertheless consanguineous marriage and the genetic implications for children of such marriages, is a controversial subject.
The study of the parameters of cellular immunity in group of patients from consanguinity marriage (group 3) and identical group of the patients from a non consanguineous marriage (group) allowed to establish that in the patients from groups 3 and 4 there was occurred reduction of the contents of CD4 + (T-helpers) and CD8 + (T-cytotoxic lymphocytes) T-lymphocyte regulatory subpopulations.
Consanguineous marriage--Consanguinity is defined as the marriage between close relatives (20).
Shaw, a research fellow at Oxford, presents a study of the dilemma faced by British Pakistanis who have a tradition of contracting consanguineous marriages.
However, sometimes it is unknown if the affected individual is from a consanguineous union or even if the parents had the disease, because the phenotype could have been mildly expressed and therefore clinically undetected.
2) Affecting an estimated 1 in 12,000 newborns, the syndrome often strikes the offspring of consanguineous relationships.
Thomson presented the results of one case in which an infant who was the first daughter of consanguineous Asian parents developed several acral blisters as a neonate.
In these specific regions consanguinity could be determined by groups of families who practice consanguineous marriages motivated by the lack of mates, as a result of high emigration towards other parts of the country, including the Central Valley (Zumbado and Barrantes 1991).