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Gabriel Byrne is a conscience-stricken D'Artagnan serving his corrupt king, while Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and - in fine form as a boozing, wenching wild man - Gerard Depardieu play the Three Musketeers.
CUBA GOODING Jnr as conscience-stricken defence lawyer disbarred for turning on his clearly guilty client in a New Orleans court.
Of course we should be conscience-stricken that some of our major cities were built on the profits of that vile trade but let us not forget it was a Briton, William Wilberforce, who led the drive to abolish slavery.
And last September, he jailed conscience-stricken bank robber David Squelch, who saved for four years to repay the money he stole - and then gave himself up.
It was a wonderful gesture on the part of conscience-stricken Arsene Wenger and chairman David Dein in offering Sheffield United another chance.
Ginter as a conscience-stricken computer nerd (and many others in an excellent cast).
Either play this guy stone cold or conscience-stricken, but enough with the jittery worrywart shtick.
She plays a batty pensioner who is paid a house call by the conscience-stricken salesmen.
The conscience-stricken bishop has spent days hiding from the world.
The cause of his troubles is a secret report sent to him by a conscience-stricken boffin (Gabriel Byrne) detailing a secret surveillance system targeting the ordinary man in the street.
It is hardly surprising we are conscience-stricken about 12-year-old mothers when the girls themselves will almost certainly come from backgrounds where such things are accepted as part of the amoral, aimless lives of their elders-but-no-betters.
The boy halted, looked around conscience-stricken and bowed his head.