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Tononi's theory defines consciousness as the capacity of a system--any system--to connect and use information.
There is no absolute line between consciousness and unconsciousness.
L'Echelle revisee de conscience de soi: Une traduction et une validation canadienne-francaise du "Revised Self-consciousness Scale" [Revised Self consciousness Scale: A French Canadian translation and validation of the Revised Self consciousness Scale].
Virtual Reality: Consciousness REALLY Explained, third edition
In recent years, I have explored the nature of future consciousness--its psychological dimensions, its historical evolution, and its future possibilities--as well as ways to enhance future consciousness through education and self-development practices.
Throughout the history of mankind mystics and seers have claimed the existence of a universal power or consciousness that unites us all.
The third consciousness is a new consciousness, as well as a spirit, formed in the black people's striving for a better life and self-realization in the racist society.
According to her, a careful reading of the mature Schleiermacher shows that he does not simply identify the transcendent ground of consciousness with ultimate reality itself, but that rather, it is a rift in the immediate self-consciousness that signals the self's relation to ultimate reality.
A brief introductory note: My topic, "the future of consciousness,'" was given to me by Allen Flagg, and it is a challenging assignment, but I believe I have a good enough handle on the subject of consciousness to have a few things to say about its future.
1 : the condition of being mentally awake and active <Following surgery, she slowly regained consciousness.
In this paper it is argued that knowledge dividing the usual, unusual, transient and transcendental depends on human perception of the world (macro or micro) and depends too on the inclusion of human consciousness in the system.
The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Consciousness