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According to the message of Fatima, the Beloved Mother of God Jesus came down from Heaven and told the three children that She would come to ask for the Consecration of Russia, and by this solemn single public act made by the Pope and the Catholic Bishops, Russia would be converted and a period of peace would be granted to the whole world.
LU Contractual Professors Committee member, Jean Touma, underlined the need for the endorsement of their full-timers' consecration dossier, warning of further escalatory steps in case this dossier is not endorsed.
Tout en t'exprimant Notre grande fierte de te voir remporter ce prix, Nous sommes convaincus que cette consecration t'incitera amplement a continuer a te distinguer dans le domaine de l'ecriture et contribuer au rayonnement du patrimoine culturel marocain, aux affluents multiples, a l'interieur et a l'exterieur de la patrie", souligne le message.
The archdiocese generously provided Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church as the site for the March 2 consecration of Hardwick, who was the diocesan executive archdeacon before being elected bishop on the first ballot in December.
Bishop McCartney's wife Karen is travelling to Canada and then on to the Arctic to attend the consecration tomorrow in the new igloo cathedral in Iqaluit where he will take up the role later in the year.
Other ceremonies extant today, specifically those for consecration of a virgin, reveal much about older traditions regarding women's service in the church.
In preparation for this we shall all have to resort to praying the Rosary, as Canadians did in preparation for the first consecration.
Well-wishers from the Diocese of Chester - where Bishop Donald was Archdeacon of Chester from 2002-2010 - attended his consecration, including Bishop Peter Forster of Chester and Bishop Keith Sinclair of Birkenhead.
Slaczka is interested in temple construction and consecration and for this purpose has studied three chapters of the Kasyapasilpa, providing it critical edition, commentary, and translation of the relevant chapters based on nine manuscripts and six transcriptions in South Indian libraries.
Since the first consecration of a woman bishop in 1989, women have been serving with distinction alongside men as bishops in many parts of the Anglican Communion -- a development long taken for granted,'' she said.
Ms Goldsworthy's appointment was made possible by a decision earlier this week at a meeting of Australia's Anglican bishops that set protocols for the consecration of women bishops.
After China's consecration of Wang, which occurred in a two-hour ceremony that, according to the Religion News Service, drew more than a thousand attendees, Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop of Hong Kong, issued a statement accusing the Chinese government of undermining the already tense relationship between the Vatican and China.