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The consecratory prayer from the seventh-century Gelasian Sacramentary (reaffirmed as prayer A in the 1970 Pontifical) states: "And so, Father, we ask you to bless this oil you have created.
Speaking of inconsistencies, if the entire eucharistic prayer is in fact consecratory, which is the church's longstanding teaching, then why is the presider at Mass in the Roman Rite instructed to kneel and to "show" the host and chalice for veneration after the words of institution?
12) The artist is also greatly honored within the culture--and in a special way during the consecratory ceremony.
For much doctrine and theology the nature of the Eucharist as sacrifice has been allied with the consecratory power of the priest.
36) By demanding that the Western Rite Orthodox insert a consecratory Spirit epiclesis into the liturgy, the Orthodox Church is implicitly stating that for any future union between an Eastern and Western church, this type of epiclesis will be a necessary liturgical concession.
1088), to insistence on consecratory words in the institution narrative.