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Production worldwide experienced a year-on-year increase for the second consecutive year (since Fiscal Year 2013), setting an all-time fiscal year record.
The trainers' record for the most consecutive wins in a race of any significance is held by Enda Bolger, who landed the La Touche Cup over Punchestown's banks course ten consecutive times from 1997 to 2007 (it was not run in 2001).
I couldn't be happier right now," said senior Michelle Oakes, who helped extend the Conquistadores' postseason winning streak to 32 consecutive games with two assists.
WAYNE BRIDGE: Lampard's Chelsea team-mate Bridge was the previous Premiership record-holder for an outfield player, making 113 consecutive top-flight appearances for Southampton between March 2000 and January 2003.
2--The Institute of Real Estate Management will hold a course, entitled "Introduction to Real Estate Management," on ten consecutive Thursdays from 6:00 p.
Most home runs in three consecutive games: 7, Shawn Green, Los Angeles Dodgers (May 23-25)
The championship game appearance was the second consecutive for GVS.
Nelson had the idea of looking for such a string of consecutive primes after reading about these sequences in The Book of Prime Number Records (1989, Paulo Ribenboim, Springer-Verlag).
Consecutive interpretation best fits the small group format, especially when those groups move around.
If the Conquistadores are successful tonight, they would move into a tie for fifth on the nation's all-time list and second in state history with their seventh consecutive title, joining Bakersfield (1989-95) and Pleasant Valley of Chico (1996-2002).
2 SCIENCE, a group of researchers from Northeastern University in Boston describes the structure of a thallium-based compound containing four consecutive copper-oxygen layers within the material's basic structural unit, or unit cell.