consecutive order

See: succession
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3 begins his quest for a third consecutive Order of Merit title and could hardly have it easier.
Take the seven consecutive Order of Merits, for example - I wouldn't swap them for anything.
Otfrid's text is discussed by following through the five books into which it is divided in consecutive order.
Team National has placed its second consecutive order for a range of high-quality workwear for its 40-strong team of engineers and managerial staff.
Yet the seven-times consecutive Order of Merit winner will still have to make sure he doesn't end the championship with egg over his face.
4-5 Colin Montgomerie to win the 8th consecutive Order of Merit.
And just as in your personal checkbook, individual checks should be used in consecutive order and recorded in a log initialed by the person using the check.
Let's say you are the lucky player whose three lucky numbers get drawn in consecutive order.
By exercising options for these airplanes, First Choice Airways has placed a third consecutive order for the advanced- technology 787.
Monty at least did something to advertise his wild-card claims but is a long, long way from being the player who won seven consecutive Order of Merit titles.
The 37-year-old Scot is nursing an injured back but fired a 66 in yesterday's pro-am and plans a concerted assault on an eighth consecutive Order of Merit crown.
It was a very difficult day and the course feels a thousand miles longer this year," added the 36-year-old Scot who is chasing an unprecedented seventh consecutive Order of Merit title.