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1,800 Firefighter/Rescue Parking Permit numbered 1 to 1,800 consecutively
He was elected National 4th and 3rd Junior Vice Commander consecutively in 1995 and 1996; National 1st Jr.
He has 12 months to pay the court or he will receive a default sentence of 18 months, also to be served consecutively.
35) Nonetheless, your assertion that no void would occur from the movement of the oval and lenticular shapes, as you have observed from the moving bodies within the celestial sphere, is not the same as [the other saying], because in the celestial sphere there are, vis a vis the moving bodies, other moving bodies touching them consecutively.
Rail days may be used consecutively or non- consecutively and up to 6 additional days may be purchased.
When that same text is quoted consecutively for a second, third or fourth time, this can be shortened in footnotes to just ibid, with the chapter/line quoted.
For the last five years, Canada has been setting consecutively record-low levels of grassroots exploration expenditures," Comba says.
But Abelardo Morrell's Diirer Painting, 1995, and The Coliseum by Piranesi, 1995, which might have looked unremarkable elsewhere, revealed a clever understanding of the collusion/opposition between a single framed picture and consecutively bound illustrations, folding and tilting multiple pages of illustrated books so that they might be captured within the unified picture plane of the photograph.
The Swiss team had beaten the USA 6:2 only the week before, but lost consecutively to Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, and Russia.
None of this is in any useful order and is impossible to read consecutively.
Taking the audience inside the creative process, ten stages of Jackson's in-progress paintings are consecutively projected on a mid-stage scrim.
Lopatin et al reviewed 20 consecutively presenting patients who had choanal polyps and classified each polyp as either antrochoanal, sphenochoanal, or ethmochoanal, depending on the site of origin.
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