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The project was principally aimed to support the enhancement of the conservational and analytical abilities of BNM with budget of US$ 1 million (BD Taka 8 cores).
The conservational analysis revealed that E18D is highly conserved with a score of 8.
Brazil was chosen because of its history of BV outbreaks and its different biomes and conservational status (Figure 1, panel A).
Louis marked the silver anniversary of Lessiter Media's National No-Tillage Conference--an educational event for farmers practicing conservational tillage practices that has drawn more than 19,000 in total attendance since 1993.
Standards should not discriminate against, rather encourage, diversified farming operations or conservational practices.
Finally, it can be said that without having to encounter high costs and a waste of time, sub-basins could be categorized by means of morphometric parameters in order to implement conservational measures to simutaneously conserve soil and the environment.
There's a lot of fun and imagination involved but what's also important for the zoo is the conservational message the Enchantment event gives out.
However, the conservational importance of stream habitats at the unprotected boundary of Sinharaja forest is highlighted by recording four endangered, one vulnerable and three near threatened endemic fish species in the respective streams.
There is no apparent methodological problem in the use of only 10 localities in order to propose conservational measures for this scarce species (de Castro Pena et al.
The municipality applied more than five years ago to designate this as an official beach, but the process stalled, as its part of the Natura 2000 area and so of special conservational interest.
Two exhibitions hosted recently at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Oman Avenues Mall saw students deliver a diverse tranche of conservational concepts that support the idea of a nationwide trend of eco-friendly start-ups, a press release said.
EPNs have been declared as conservational, eco-friendly and augmentative microbial control agents.

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