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We'll bring him up to be a good Conservative, you and I, Miss Cornelia.
There isn't any earthly doubt that the Conservatives will be returned with a big majority again.
You will often find a liberal who is applauded and esteemed by his fellows, but who is in reality the dreariest, blindest, dullest of conservatives, and is not aware of the fact.
In Texas, Reed masterminded a plan to mobilize conservative Christian opposition to two Indian casinos operating in El Paso and Livingston.
Although a number of socially liberal Liberals took a drubbing in the 2006 election, many socially conservative MPs from that party were re-elected, including Paul Szabo, Tom Wappel, Paul Steckle, Dan McTeague and Joe Comuzzi, the latter of whom gave up a cabinet post in order to vote against his party on same-sex "marriage" legislation.
The political commentator and former seminarian proclaims that he's "mad as hell" that conservative preachers have defined Christianity in such narrow terms that Democrats and liberals are viewed as outside the fold.
Signorile first made a name for himself by "outing" closeted celebrities and politicians, but yet, Signorile is a conservative by Robinson's standard.
Randy Weber of Pearland, is one of the most conservative members of the Texas House, giving voters in the district a choice next Tuesday between one of the most conservative Democrats on the congressional ballot and a Republican who, based on his state voting record, would probably rank with some of the more conservative Republicans in Congress.
Markwayne Mullin is a true conservative and the type of individual we need to fight for us in Washington," said Shaun McCutcheon, Chairman of Conservative Action Fund.
Anne Josephine Walsh, Labour Donna Watson, BNP Kraig White, Ind [c] Joanne Bell, Labour Ian Jason Diamond, Ind Ileene Gilchrist, BNP Stewart Thomas Hay, Conservative
But the merits of specific conservative pleadings aside, is there anything illiberal about an argument for the cultural stigmatization of, say, casual sex?
Unfortunately, like so many panelists before him, Sager feels compelled to begin at the beginning, with a recounting of the history of the American conservative movement--how conservatives after World War II were united on a few things but divided on many others, how William F.