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Her research shows that the main carriers of tradition and conservativeness in the approach to illness are old uneducated rural women functioning as local experts in health matters.
So, for equally profitable firms, the main driver of debt conservativeness is the magnitude of the anticipated investment opportunity, consistent with Graham (2000).
This finding is consistent with the findings in earlier studies that conservativeness is associated with lower leverage (Hutton et al.
There was a lot of conservativeness among corporates in accepting such an idea.
Regarding the conservativeness argument, it proposes that mathematics is conservative in scientific theorising in the following terms, namely: "a mathematical theory, when combined with any nominalistic scientific theory, does not yield nominalistic consequences that could not have been derived from the nominalistic theory alone" (pp.
There is a perceived conservativeness but just from talking with people, even if they hadn't thought about buying a sex toy before they seem quite happy to talk about it.
This led to a built-in conservativeness as tutors attempted to stay within the confines of "LIS student" versus "LIS professional.
According to this author (1994), there is an incompatibility of values belonging to the opening to change and conservativeness domains, as well as between the self-enhancement and self-transcendence; he states that people that are based on collective values tend to be less influenced by individual values, and vice-versa.
A conservativeness sets in at larger companies that acts like a large speed bump to getting technologies out.
Companies are having a hard time recruiting executive talent due to Utah's national image of poor schools, bad air quality and conservativeness.
Some Japanese fishery sociologists find that the fishery-right and fishery-coordinating systems may be reinforcing conservativeness in fishing communities and helping feudalistic customs to remain (Sato, 1978).
This conservativeness [of Yemeni politicians regarding foreign trade policy] caused many more questions.

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