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Budget surpluses typically as well suggest a conservativism in policy outlook that can seem both like prudence and as restrictive.
Stillman's insistence on sympathetically commemorating those times reveals itself not as conservativism or nostalgia, but as a genuinely wise comic vision.
What I want to see is that candidate and I believe that most voters in the GOP and independents, we will want to see that candidate whom we can trust will just inherently, instinctively turn right, always err on the side of conservativism, which means smaller, smarter government, more empowerment for the individual, for the private sector," she added.
But it has other tools to push Egypt toward greater religious conservativism.
Rather, this work intends to visit the subject of sexual conservativism over time and to conduct a critical reading of the social values associated with female representations.
It is hard to imagine a more unlikely link than for Chopwell to become part of a huge rural constituency that has always been seen as a heartland of traditional Conservativism, and yet that is exactly what is being proposed by the Commission.
As a result, while equity interest in real estate is growing, the overall conservativism in the lending markets remains, and capital for debt financing remains highly stratified and particular.
The chapter concludes with the vastly changed political landscape and new patterns of polarization which would set the stage for Bird's political defeat in 1971 and extreme political conservativism thereafter "the adventure had taken a dangerous and tragic turn" (p.
He uses Meredith's personal papers to analyze not only his fight to integrate the university but also to understand how Meredith's firm belief in hard work and individual responsibility ultimately led him to an iconoclastic conservativism (in 1989, he worked on the staff of arch-segregationist Senator Jesse Helms).
Dubow's work shows that, from the late nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century, "the fetus has been a vehicle through which people have wrestled with assumptions about science and religion, anxieties about demography and democracy, beliefs about feminism and motherhood, and ideas about conservativism and liberalism.
But Ravitch's conservativism is the kind that squares with both American and Jewish values, struggling, as it does, with the notion of the individual versus the community and the question of whether America truly is a meritocracy.
The fundamental conservativism of Eisenhower's critique was lost almost immediately after the speech as some within the antiwar left cast the military-industrial complex as evidence of the inherent flaws of modern capitalism.

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